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Vedic Astrology - Created to help us see through our life with greater clarity

Article | Pavitra Jyotish Kendra (December 26, 2017 1:03 pm)

Jyotish, the Sanskrit word, means 'the knowledge of light'. Jyotish is a branch of the Vedas. JYOTISHAM VEDANAM CHAKSUH - the Vedas are the source of the Vedic Indian culture and universal spirituality. Their origin predates recorded history of more than five thousand years ago.

Even though the Vedas are considered to be the oldest books known to mankind, at least five thousand years old, but the 'Vedic Science' is still practiced today. The Vedas was cognized by Rishis, who passed on their wisdom by telling it to the next generation. The oral tradition continues till today, although a portion of the information is written down. The Vedas pose questions and answers to our ultimate concerns about life, birth and death, suffering and happiness, poverty and prosperity, consciousness, and the eternal.

The Rishis developed six branches (Vedangas) to help us understand the Vedas. Vedic Astrology is created to help us see through our life with greater clarity. The eighteen sidhantas (documents) had been written by famous sages and vedic astronomers e.g. Surya, Pitamaha, Vyasa, Vasishta, Atri, Parashara, Kashyap, Narad, Garg, Mirich, Manu, Angira, Lomesh, Polish, Chavan, Yavan, Bhrigu, Shonak etc. Vedic Astrology is a system used to assess, forecast, and improve the quality of our lives. Vedic astrologers interpret the observed conditions of the cosmos at the time of our birth to gain insight into the destiny-patterns influencing us. This information is viewed in context of what the birth chart reveals about our daily lives. Astrology helps in aligning our life and makes our life better. Our sense of self, relationship, education, career, finances, health and spirituality are all intertwined with our likes and dislikes, and with our destiny-patterns.

Relationship compatibility is especially important since all components of our life involve relationship. Vedic astrologers can analyses a person's relations with their origin, partner/spouse, children, in-laws, friends, neighbors, teachers, students, family, employers, employees, business, financial partners and much more.

Vedic Astrologers can guide and given remedies of all important areas of life like career, business, money, love, education, property, marriage, spouse, partnership, luck, personal matters, transfer, health, education, life reading, education, karmakanda, Muhurta etc. For more information